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Monday, 6 January 2014

Why choose SCENAR over TENS?

In response to a question I often get asked...."How does the SCENAR differ from a TENS machine?" 

It is a very good question. Most people if they have ever been to a physiotherapist or maybe have seen a device sold cheaply in a pharmacy will have experienced a TENS device used for pain relief. 

However I personally have trained and mentored physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, massage therapists, who are recognising the superior applications of the SCENAR and are using it more in their professional clinics.

Here is a quick table to outline the main differences between SCENAR and a TENS machine. 



YES unique and specific treatment process. The unique SCENAR waveform uses biofeedback to detect areas of optimal treatment.

NO non-specific treatment. NO biofeedback so NO detection of changes in skin impedance
YES Unique Pulsed, damped, sinusoidal and skin-impedance sensitive.
NO typically square, non modulting, NON skin impedance sensitive
Body Accommodation
NO through high amplitude and very short pulse width of the wave form. No two waveforms are the same.
YES wave forms typically square, spiked or sine, monophasic and are repetitive. No biofeedback so no detection of changed tissue impedance.

Dynamic Therapy
YES The device is moved over the skin in order to specifically find optimal treatment areas/points.

NO - passive therapy. Treatment is non-specific. Electrodes – usually gelled pads are adhered to the skin.

SCENAR and the importance of TUNING. 

As a musician, I know the difference in sound quality and production between a Steinway or Bosendorf piano and a Beale piano or between a beautifully hand crafted Stradivarius violin or a  cheap machine factory Erhu Chinese violin.

A very important feature of the SCENAR that many may not realise is that it is a finely tuned instrument. In Russia each device is TUNED by a master tuner. This is very significant, as the quality and sensitivity of this 'tuner' pays a HUGE role in the operation of the device. I have devices from several different manufacturers each tuned by different tuners. The Ritmmedic SCENAR from the Netherlands is tuned by someone who to me tunes in a very 'masculine' way - there is a harshness to the signal. Whereas the SCENAR devices tuned in Russia have a 'feminine' quality, which is 'softer' in it's operation, which I and my clients prefer.


While we are on the subject of devices I would like to alert people to the story and difference between the Chinese ENAR and SCENAR. Early on in my career as SCENAR practitioner I did buy the ENAR as it was the only device available at the time in Australia. When I learned the truth behind the ENAR I was disappointed and felt that I would not support unjust behaviour and therefore I pass on to you my knowledge from my experience. 

The company in Australia still sells the ENAR at a huge profit and the training that is offered is not supported by trained RitmSCENAR therapists. OKB RITM are the original inventors and developers of the SCENAR products and have extensive Research and Development facilities in Russia. This is evidenced in their newest device for professionals that was released in June 2013 - the bioSCENAR which I write about HERE.

Below is the official Statement of the General Manager of RITM OKB, Jakov Grinberg about the ENAR's origin and its flawed legal standing.

This document may also be requested in hard copy from Ritm Australia:


This statement is intended to inform the Australian consumer of the truth of the origins of ENAR device; marketed and sold by Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd.

2000 - RITM OKB ZAO signed a license agreement with a Chinese company PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd to manufacture CHANS-01-SCENAR.

RITM OKB ZAO had given all the technical documentation, instruction manuals, training, etc to PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd according to the contract.

The first patent of the SCENAR® was registered by RITM OKB ZAO 1985. The three patents that protect the contract with PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd were registered in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

The claim that SCENAR® is a copy of ENAR has no basis in fact.

PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd legally manufactured ENAR device for two years; 2001 and 2002. In 2003 Pervade ceased paying the license fees and because this was a breach of the signed contract they were instructed by RITM OKB ZAO to immediately stop manufacturing the devices, return all technical documentation and devices to RITM OKB ZAO.

However PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd continued manufacturing, selling and advertising the ENAR as a legally licensed product.

RITM OKB ZAO still have not taken legal action against Pervade as such action will be very costly and RITM OKB ZAO prefer to spend their profits on R & D and clinical research.

All written documentation of these events, contracts, emails and correspondence between RITM OKB ZAO and PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd is kept at RITM Australia premises in Sydney.

It can be viewed by any interested party.

The ENAR device continues to be sold in Australia - using the technical specifications originally licensed in 2000.

The SCENAR® Sport and Home series of devices have been refined over the last 9 years and each device is hand tuned in Russia using the latest R and D.

Jakov Grinberg, Director General RITM OKB ZAO

For more information on SCENAR please read HERE and HERE.