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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

More on the Affects of Frequency on our Heath.

In this article HERE I began the discussion about how frequency impacts our Health. I continue to discuss this issue more in depth in relation to Mobile phones and CFL lighting. 

Just to recap...

Lower frequencies – attract lower frequencies, therefore create physical changes in the body. A healthy body frequency is 62-72MHz. When frequency drops, our immune system is compromised.

Colds and flu … 57-60MHz
Disease … 58MHz
The Death process begins around 25MHz.

A thermographic image is produced by surface temperature differences. The camera senses these temperatures and converts each (thermal) point into a point of color which corresponds to the point’s temperature. The temperature gradient follows a spectral pattern in which blue is cool and red is warm. Colour hence is a frequency.

So you can see in the images above how the frequency of mobile phones adversely affects our frequency.

The Higher The EMF Frequency, The More Serious The Health Effect.

EMFs change the frequency of your body's electromagnetic fields through entrainment (or sympathetic resonance). Entrainment is when an object vibrates at the same frequency as something outside of it. In other words, powerful EMFs overwhelm your body’s own electrical fields, changing their frequency and distorting the balance of the body's electromagnetic field and its communication systems. This causes physical, mental and emotional chaos.

The affect doesn’t always pass once you get away from the strong EMF field. That’s because biological systems store electromagnetic radiation within the cells in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. These oscillations can continue to interfere with your body’s processes.

Compounding this problem, metallic objects all around us act as antennae. These include electrical circuits, telephone wiring, water and gas pipes, even your keys and jewellery, which collect and re-radiate the disorienting energy waves.

The highest frequency energy waves (X-rays, gamma rays and others) can break chemical and molecular bonds, and can literally rip atoms apart, disrupting the basic biochemical structures of life. This is what happens when we go through the airport scanners. I have had many a discussion with TSA and other officials at these checkpoints about the harmful affects of these scanners.

Frequencies above the normal resonance of the human body(62 - 72 MHz) create biological stress, tissue damage and serious health problems.

Mobile communications use electromagnetic fields (EMF) to exchange information between mobile phones and base stations, which have an affect on us and we don't even realise it.

GSM mobile phone standard uses the frequency ranges 890 to 915 MHz and 935 to 960 MHz (GSM 900) as well as 1,710 to 1,785 MHz and 1,805 to 1,880 MHz (GSM 1,800). The UMTS networks use the frequencies from 1,920 to 1,980 MHz and 2,110 to 2,170 MHz.

So use a headset with your phone if you have to or place it about a meter away from you. Also don't keep your phones in your pockets near your reproductive areas. These areas of the body heat up just like in the thermograph photos above even if you are not speaking the phones are still transmitting and receiving!

Other harmful EMFs come from compact fluorescent bulbs.
LED lights emit 230Hz
Incandescent Lights emit 350Hz
CFL emit 26,740 Hz!

What was the human body's natural range again? 62-72Hz!

Apart from the high frequency emission of these lights the CFLs  contain up to 5 milligrams of mercury, a potent neurotoxin and is also a huge environmental contaminant.

So I believe wherever you can use LED or incandescent lighting.

Here are some effects of CFL lighting......

SCENAR and Frequency

One of the functions of the SCENAR is to assist the body to recalibrate its frequency. Please go to this article HERE and HERE to learn more about the SCENAR and how to PURCHASE your own Personal Device.Information on the Professional bioSCENAR device HERE.