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Monday, 3 February 2014

How we can improve our Health through Frequency

In this article I want to discuss ways in which you can be aware of the different ways in which Frequency can assist in improving and maintaining your health.

How can we maintain, balance and restore our own health …..

It starts from how we think and what we say…….when we say words like "I'm tired", "I'm sick", the frequency and energy of these words and phrases are low. 

In Doreen Virtue's book Angel Words , she shows hundreds of computer graphs that display visually words of high-energy or low-vibrational.
Raise your body frequency regularly

We can further assist ourselves in raising our frequency by choosing to eat fresh raw foods and herbs as often as possible: - 
  • Fresh foods vibrate between 20-27hz, higher if grown organically and eaten freshly picked.
  • Dried foods and herbs vibrate at 15-22hz
  • Processed and canned food vibrate at 0Hz .
  • Meats at 0hz or less.
Using Essential Oils are also extremely beneficial particularly in times of illness and dysfunction. 
  • Essential Oils have a frequency beginning around 52hz and going as high as 320hz. 

So as mentioned in an earlier article
Why does FREQUENCY have an impact on our health?, a healthy body resonates in a frequency range between 62-72MHz . 

So when our body's frequency drops, our immune system is compromised. 

•Colds and flu resonate at a frequency of between 57-60MHz
•Disease … 58MHz
•Death … 25MHz.

Below is a graph with some amazing detail about different foods and their vibrational frequency. Selecting foods from the higher frequency range will assist in improving your health. The only part of the graph below that doesn't resonate with me is the reference to Higher and Lower Karma.


The graph above mentions "Chemical Sunlight". This is referring to a very important vitamin D3 which our body needs in order to assist our immune system. We actually NEED daily doses of sunshine. Exposed skin, as much as possible, to the SUN for at least 20 minutes everyday enables our body to manufacture between 10,000-15,000 IUs (International Units) of Vitamin D3. The body's immune cell receptors depend on D3 to ignite. 

A contributing factor to most serious dysfunctions and illness in the body is a severe lack of Vitamin D3. Most regulating bodies suggest a daily dose of 400IUs. This is barely enough to keep a simple condition such as rickets at bay. To assist in improving your health a few month's dose of at least 5000IU daily to a monthly dose of 1000IU is beneficial as a maintenance dosage.

Below is a most informative video presented by Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, where interviews Gabriele Stähler about Vitamin D3

Video description:
This video contains the basics you need to know about how Vitamin D3 works in the body, how much to take when you want to supplement it for better health, and why it's important to know about as it is a natural antibiotic made in our bodies to protect us against viruses, bacteria and the most common illnesses (plagues?) of our time like cancer, diabetes, heart disease - etc.
May the sun be with you!

Using SCENAR to assist our Health through Frequency

One of the functions of the SCENAR is to assist the body to recalibrate its frequency. Please go to this article HERE and HERE to learn more about the SCENAR and how to PURCHASE your own Personal Device.Information on the Professional bioSCENAR device HERE.